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Jute Rugs


   A while back, I was trying to find a medium to work in that everyone and their cousin hadn't cornered the market on. It also had to be environmentally safe and sustainable.I found my answer in jute fiber. Click here for more info and a look at a few of my creations.

   I'm so glad you stumbled into my little corner of the web. I will eventually be selling my creations directly from here, (I hope!) But in the meantime I'm using the space to tell you more about me and the things I create for you. There are photos of some of my handmade rugs available here for your perusal, and many things are available for sale through my Etsy shop. And please do visit me on social media!

Jute Rugs & More


Specializing in handmade natural jute rugs, I also offer matching crocheted table runners and centerpiece mats, but you never know what you'll find here. Drift on in and browse for a spell!